rotating shelf-system

Rotating Shelf System - Compulsive repetition
Compulsively repeating actions within the daily routine can turn a ten minutes bathroom ritual into a program of hours. There are objects that automatically confirm their usage, such as a toilet lock that turns red to confirm “locked”. How do I know if I washed my hands? How can I be sure I put all ingredients inside a cake, if the outcome is one homogenous mixture?
Doubting the completion of tasks leads to repetitive accomplishments (washing hands five times in a row). A neurotic person needs rituals set in strict chronologies within for example hygiene tasks – 1.washing hands, 2.brushing teeth, 3.caring the skin. By setting a chronology, each step can get documented individually to ensure its completion.
The rotating shelf system indicates one hygiene task after another. One has to rotate the shelf at a quarter in order to approach task two. Beneath each glass vessel, a small slider is integrated into the wooden plate. It can be moved between two symbols, representing night and day. The idea is to shift the slider after having accomplished a task. A 360° rotation is completed if all four sliders are placed on “morning”. The routine then only needs to be repeated in the evening, by rotating and resetting the sliders back to the right side.